Hotel Zaza, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
The right place for the lovers of the fishing and the hunt next to Zaza Lake

Main Attractions near Hotel Zaza


Valle de los Ingenios o Valle de San Luís

Valle de los IngeniosThis natural museum, conserves the ruins of some twelve old sugar factory of the XIX century. Between groves and roads they rest at the time big steeples, trapiches, barracks, work instruments and it tortures of the slaves in the cane plantations. In San Luis valley, rebaptized “Valle de los Ingenios”, they are still prints of the aboriginal cultures, the colonial architecture and the wars of independence of the XIX century that marked the decadence of this sugar emporium. It Is the Humanity's Cultural Patrimony. The chance, and a little the Spanish politics that favored cities like Trinidad by the middle of the XVIII one, allowed that to few kilometers they concentrated more than 50 old sugar factory that today conforms one of the industrial most important patrimonies in the continent, and that, by the middle of the XIX century.

Blanco Key

Blanco KeyWhere the virgin nature is conjugated with 20 m of white fine sand you will be able to make time to enjoy the tranquility of a key, to carry out snorqueling in the coralline barrier and degust a delicious lunch sailor in a paradisiacal atmosphere.

Lake Zaza

Lake Zaza

Artificial lake locate in the east of Sancti Spiritus, one of the first villages been founded in the XVI century, has a capacity of 1,020 million m3 of water and it has a great population of trouts; the size that can reach some of its exemplars, locates them among the best from its species to international level. The record in this place has it a trout of 16.5 pounds.

Hunt Preserve Sur del Jíbaro

It possesses, among other hunt species, migratory ducks and quail, dove rabiche, dove aliblanca and hen of Guinea.

Trip to El Cubano Park

The Cuban, to a height of 250 m on the sea level is an attractive place for the lovers of the nature and the ecology. In this park is the path Cimarrones de Javira that unites the beauty of the environment with the history about the culture and customs of a rural family and the life of the slaves in the Valle de los Ingenios. At the end of this path will meet with beautiful Salto de Javira with their natural refreshing pool.

Trip to Guanayara Park

Well-known internationally as The house of Galician, to a height of 550 m on the sea level, this place is the ideal scenario for a world of adventures. There is the path Lookout of the melodious river. During the journey he/she will have the opportunity to enjoy a series of natural values very related with the Guanayara River. The beautiful Rocío Jump and The Deer puddle of transparent and calm waters.

Nigel Alexander Hunt

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